Love You Very Dutch Gifts

Studio Love You Very Dutch has launched it’s gift product line! These Dutch little presents are now available in several shops and concept stores, and can also be ordered online.

For the cold Dutch winter, Studio Love You Very Dutch made two illustrated notebooks, showing the typically Dutch tradition of skating on natural ice. Every page has an invisible perforated line, so they can be seperated from the book perfectly. The set of 2 will be delivered with a hand made wrap.

Set of 2, including handmade wrap: 11,90 euro (excl. shipping costs).
A piece: 6,95 euro (excl. shipping costs).

The Love You Very Dutch greeting cards showing 4 typically Dutch moments of love. the cards are printed on recycled paper and come with a handmade wrap.

Set of 4 cards including handmade wrap: 5,- euro (excl. shipping costs).

Would you like to order? Send an e-mail to: